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Satire.... [28 Mar 2007|11:23pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Sooo I was just surfing a viral video site.....and what did I find, a satire video on furries. I know it's satire because I've seen the users other videos and the puppet in question just makes fun of everything.

The result of the video 11% of furries are plushophilas and frosted flakes are the cause of liking furries in the 1st place.



That's almost offensive


to tony the tiger. J/K

Other then that, nothing is up....other then I can do green screening now. OMG Teh fun begins.

Oh yeah and if you wanted the link to the video

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Almost that retarded time of year again [23 Jan 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Yup it's like what 2 - 3 weeks from V-day. I don't understand that holiday. I hate it and I'm part of a couple. Too much pink and red and slutisms going on, oh yea and the commercialistic love bit too.

I went to the movies last weekend, saw happily never after, odd movie but really cute. If you like red-neck dwarves or the thought of it, go see it. Also here's a funny quote "I stole a baby, How evil is that?!" Other interesting notes, Andy Dick does a voice and some other good (A. Dick isn't really good, just funny WHEN ACTING, his show blew) actors who I don't care about ....buuuuuut it's NOT- as funny as Sherk, so be warned. The 3rd one of that will be out soon too :D

And now let's see in other news of my boring life...I'm a camcorder-aholic now. I take random clips all the frickin time now and my hard drive is crying, I'll have to burn a data disc soon, good back ups :)

Oh Oh and if you're a computer science major I don't recommend KSU because they have stupid cloned classes you must take to get the 4 year degree. BORING.

Other then that life is good, and I hope everyone is feeling good at some point too. Later Dayz.

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Low standards and High end gifts [06 Jan 2007|05:05am]
Ok so it's been a while since I've made a real post. Whoopie.

Had a christmas. Got a wii and Ipod from my family and a dv camcorder from Brandino XD. I <3 electronics. I'm going to be trying to make home movies....wee.

Been doing ok other then that. My 1st round of classes at KSU went really well and I start my next set next week. Thankfully this time there are no retarded math classes, with teachers who think it's an english class on math. Gah.

Well also apparently I'm looking smoking on myspace....don't know why but I've gotten some feedback on my new pic....and it scares me how low the standard for good looks are now a days. *sigh*

I want my "30% Sexier" sticker still Tony!!! rofl.

If you wanna see the pictureCollapse )because for some reason you don't have myspace or I'm not your friend.... (NOTE: I don't really care for myspace, I was just begged into making a dinky profile)

Anyways I'd like to hear friends opinions on this, cause I think the "feed back" I got on the picture from strangers was a really good laugh.
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yeah I'm a copy cat...but it had ninjas...and camels...I couldn't help it. [17 Dec 2006|05:29am]
On the twelfth day of Christmas, sukikohana sent to me...
Twelve candles drumming
Eleven cartoons piping
Ten books a-leaping
Nine bows dancing
Eight werewolves a-drawing
Seven camels a-shapeshifting
Six ninjas a-programming
Five fi-i-i-ish sticks
Four web pages
Three kingdom hearts
Two video games
...and a sonic in a lupin iii.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Nice?! [14 Nov 2006|06:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Saturday I put gum in fallentaiyoko's hair (-12 points). In July I bought porn for butterfly34 (-10 points). In June I stole fiona_of_spain's purse (-30 points). Last Tuesday I signed my organ donor card (28 points).

Overall, I've been nice (676 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Since when did all that mean nice??? Unless, I brought peace to Iraq and love and harmony (Like that could happen). I was signing that organ donor card purely to help others...and my organs are like 2nd to Jesus's.

Can't really justify that porn....but the purse...that was to turn in all those stolen goods....oh and the gum in the hair...hmm....excuse for her to get a hair cut ??? idk.
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Something Kind of Odd [14 Nov 2006|05:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today I'm at school, nothing to uncommon there, but I noticed the oddest thing I've seen in a while today.

While I was about to climb the stairs in the library I noticed a trash can holding the door open. Now this trash can was a typically industry tall bin. But on this bin, there was the phrase "Trash Only" written in sharpie. Ok my thought here is, what happened to have the need to write that on the side of the bin. I would assume it'd be clear that was ment for trash and anything in it was trash. So who tried to use it as a locker?

Just something to think about.

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Another Boring update [29 Aug 2006|10:32am]
[ mood | bored ]

Yeah so second week at KSU go me....still no new friends. Oh and commuting for over an hour alone, I don't recommend. Not the most fun thing in the world.

Eh...Other then that it's been school work and shit storms happening at my house. Apparently my mom hasn't been taking her heppy pills lately like the dr. recommended. Eh, it's over now because I'm an hour away from home so if she calls all I have to do is opt not to answer or just be like bad signal and hang up....if she starts that bull crap again.

Hope everyone in/at dalton/dalton state is doing well. Good luck with your classes for the fellow students...even if you aren't at dalton.

Oh..ummm I know this doesn't really mean much but I FINALLY hit level 25 on ffxi. omg Raise!!! I can cure dead people.....I just have to find one....

well peace out.

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KSU Update and no more SG-1 Hurray!!! [24 Aug 2006|05:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well I'm here at KSU at the moment (on a public terminal, still don't know if I'm comfortable with the idea of commuting with my laptop, I have enough stuff to carry around all day at school as it is).

Class here seem to be alright, I think I should do pretty well this term, it's just a shame I don't know anyone down here. Seriously, I haven't seen one familar face. Oh and for shits and giggles, yea parking is worse then DSC, ponder that.

ATM I have classes on Tue. & Thurs. from 11 AM - 10:45 PM. LONG ASS Day...with lots of breaks, but the campus is pretty so I spend my time studying or just walking around, but not at the moment, rofl.

Oh and I also grabbed an Atlanta Con. paper today, yeah I read something that makes me leap for joy on the inside, I'll explain that after I write what I read. Sci-fi channel will no longer air SG-1 after this year or it has a year more. I find this a beautiful bit of news because I'm sometimes forced to watch it with Brandon's father who is simply in love with the show, I find it.....ALMOST torlerable, but at the news of SCI-FI won't be hosting it anymore horray that's one less show I have to watch or listen to that I find pretty much retarded and only for star wars nerds who couldn't make the cut. UNFORTUNATLY MGM who produces the show will continue making seasons and trying to plug it on a different station. Boo hiss....Hopefully it's not one on cable.

Let's see what else is there to say....ah yeah, I hope I don't have to commute next year, because as relaxing as an hour drive to atlanta isn't I'd rather not do it for more then a few months. *Crossing her fingers about the apartment deal*

Later dudes and dudettes.

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omg it's been a while [30 Jul 2006|02:40pm]
Well it's been a while since I've made an entry. Uhh not really been busy, just avoiding a large amount of social interaction I suppose. June - August not a very good time period for me, and well my birthday is in there X.x

Right now I'm in atlanta, it was my sister's birthday this weekend and she wanted me down here wither her and mom while we celebrate it. It's kindda neat, but I don't think I want to do this again.

Oh and in case you don't know I start at KSU in august. the 18th I believe is the 1st day of classes. I'm so nervious....and my orintation is coming up on the 7th too....omg I'll be all alone...well I might find someone I know. I hope.

either way I suppose I'll rap this up because I have some eggplant ready for lunch XD laters.
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Summer Break! [29 Apr 2006|10:35am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YAY I'm done with school and I've received my 2-year degree in comp. Science. Life is good atm. Thank you.

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Turkey Leg anyone? [14 Mar 2006|08:54am]
So I'm back from Disney World; it was a fun trip but I think next time I'll skip out when it's with my family. It's not Disney world, it's them. The whole lack of sleep thing mixed with they kindda didn't meet me half way about making it a family thing just says that trips with them are probably not a good idea for me anymore.

On another note, I'm going to be trying to lose weight again, I don't know I guess I just wanted to lose some weight for swim suit season or just feel better about myself and my health either way I have high hopes...for now at least.

I hope everyone else had a great spring break and I'll talk to everyone when I see them.
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Spring Break [03 Mar 2006|01:16pm]
So it's been a while again since I've made a post, I've been workin on a few things, like little things with my new comic web site, sadly I only have 2 comics finished though :( and it's not for people who don't play video games either...

And seeing as next week is spring break my mother is dragging me on a vaction to Orlando for Disney world, I kid you not. BLARG >.< at least I got this new kick ass 5 MP digi cam outta the deal. I looooove it soo much. My other one was 1.3 and it was sub par but this one has at least a year before I can say that rofl. Technology, I <3 to hate it so.

Anyways I hope everyone who's still in college has a good spring break or just a good week while I'm gone. :)
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I hate cherry pie.... [11 Feb 2006|12:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

You Are Cherry Pie

You're the perfect combo of innocent and sexy
Those who like you enjoy a contradiction

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Valintines Day is For Singles Too [30 Jan 2006|07:02am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Alright all you butt sniffers. I've heard a lot of whining and bitching about being single this time of year again and it's starting to piss me off (not really, but let's play along so it's humorous) and I needed to make another ADVICE FOR V-DAY post so here it is fellows of mine, Things for Singles to do on V-Day

Step 1)
You need to gather all your other sappy, depressed, to lazy to get even a date friends and get together, 1 car load of people would be optimal (carpool, it's energy saving....yeah go tree huggers!)

Once you're all together I suggest you all have dinner or lunch (depending on the time of departure) together some place nice that everyone can afford. This is to take care of the feeling with "I'm a dude hanging out with other dudes on v-day" feeling. Chances are unless you're really hung up on being single sucks (and you only think that way if you've been single all your life....being single is a treat!) you'll have forgotten all about the holiday in general. Good times comes in one of those 18 flavors of Samuel Adams (not really)

Step 2)
The real fun begins. Now that there are chances of everyone in the group over 21 being a little tanked it's time to do yourself some real good on v-day. This is what I like to call Remind yourself why it's good to be single.

You and all your friends should either a) roll and egg all the houses of bitch past girlfriends/boyfriends that any of you have had. Nothing says your a bitch by ruining his or her chances of getting laid if the date ends up at the house. This might also save the bitch's date, because in the time it takes to clean off the house he/she might realize the bitch is a stupid hoe and go get VD from someone who'll at least treat them nicely. You get what you pay for you know.

All the while when the lot of you are driving from location to location you need to be telling the story of why so and so is a bitch and also reinforcing sex stores is good here, but only if said bitch is nasty meaning a) smells funny b) full of diseases or c) they have both parts....and forgot to tell you

Step 3)
By now it's getting pretty late so this will probably be the last planned activity that I can suggest for you and that'd be this. Get your asses wasted because by now all my non-degree therapy isn't working, and that means the ass lot of you are feeling even more sorry for yourselves because you're single on v-day. Like that means something. Not likely.

Either way, have a Happy V-Day because without commercialism it's just another damned day.

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It's been a while, no? [23 Jan 2006|03:57pm]
Ok here's what's up. I've got no internet at the moment. Yeah it blows, but charter keeps promising they'll fix it, and a good thing is we don't have to pay until they fix it or my family gets fed up and we switch ISPs.

Other wise it's been pretty much school school school. and before that it was morrowind, morrowind morrowind (after the internet went down IE christmas holidays) and before that point FFXI :( I miss it soo I really want my sub-job. NO I WILL NEVER PLAY WoW AS IT STANDS TODAY. I've read, heard and have seen plenty of info on it and it's really not my kind of game. :p

anyways...I think I might take on a java project because if you don't use it you lose it and I really need that skill if I ever have a hope of getting a job as a programmer.

Let's see....

There's been a lot of drama for all my friends, I feel for you all, but I don't need it.

Oh and's almost been a year that I've been dating happened to all the time. Oh yea...I've been blocking most of it by keeping myself busy....*smash head into wall*

Either way that's enough of that, love you all later dudes.
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Wee [13 Dec 2005|08:38am]
Finals week.... I don't know what's going on in lj haven't read it in forever.

Ashley G. got married over the weekend, she was a lovely bride.

Chirstmas shopping not done, but it's getting there.

And it's not cool to have to wake up to panic because you hear your mother tumbling down the stairs.

The g key on this keyboard doesn't work so well and uhhh.... yeah back to Chit chattin with lote.
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Long time [21 Oct 2005|08:40am]
[ mood | depressed ]

It's been a long time since I've even looked at this site and I'm posting an update. Wow that would almost be funny if I would have tried to make it that way....anyways.

Yeah it's been a long week, I would say yesterday was the worst day ever, but I'd be lying, and everyone would know it. But I can say it's been a long week, I was terribly sick, a test, forgotten report, almost a bad wreak, I'm about to go crazy because my family.

Either way I can't complain about last weekend...nice big fat lan and most importantly I wasn't home and I ween going for her these past few months (She had a baby and moved out and wooo, for any of you thatas with people who actually care about me, unlike my mother .... and this weekend, I've some how ended up as Ashley G.'s Maid of Honor(but we're shopping for dresses this weekend, wedding is in Dec)....go figure, but she seems like she's made a turn around so I don't mind I'm actually a little excited to meet up with her Sat. and see how things have b know her).

I don't know but lately I've been tossing a few idea's around....and I'm liking them, and I think other people will like it better get to work on that. It's a surprise :) but I think it's merely something to keep me busy on school nights that isn't video games and isn't school. Sometimes I wonder if I should seek counseling. It just seems to get harder and harder to grasp that he's gone :(

But that's enough about those problems, those are mine and mine alone.

I guess I'll catch everyone around or whatever.

Later Dayz

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I wish it had been my head [23 Sep 2005|09:37am]
[ mood | In Pain ]

I hurt my knee again X.x isn't limping fun. NO

Please don't ask. Seriously. It's not a funny story, it's not even interesting. I'm only posting this so I don't get harrassed about going out this weekend, because I'm not. HUUUURRRRT.

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[21 Sep 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

lalalala bored and wasting time before I have to leave for my evening course. It's pretty cool cause it's once a week...and sadly I don't know if we're meeting today because last week our teacher had some kind of heart surgery...and well another teacher took his place so we could take our stupid CISCO test.

I still need to take a screen cap of my character...I've tried to do it, but it doesn't work like the manual said it would, so I got to figure out what it really is and not what square enix would have liked it to have been.

I don't know what else to really say but I've got to get a job soon .... and it's got to be very very much part time. I don't have time for over time or the like with school and studying. Good luck to me X.x not to mention whatever monnies I make will go to saving up for important future expenses....more on that later, much much much later. I like to do planning so I don't end up in an axiety attack because I've got no idea what's going on.

Sleep is good. Seriously I feel so good when I get a lot of sleep. I'm going to try to go to bed early today...guess I'll see how well that works out.

Oh and let's see news that's actually relevant to everyone else. Geez I have none. Sorry. Oh but umm thank you to all my friends who've been patient and understanding with me lately it really means a lot to me right now.

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FFXI [07 Sep 2005|08:25am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Wee I wish I was at home playing that right now... But I'm not. Hey if any of you play that what server .... or would you like to join mine, I've got like 3 charges or whatever left on my world pass (it's really 4 but one is reserved for someone). Totally fun game btw.

I'll try to maybe remember to take a screen cappy of my chara just for shits and giggles. Not that it really matters, the only thing you can't customize in that game is your chara's physical look (pretty much everyones base is going to look the same, for the same races that is) Everything else, wow...Lots and lots of options.....different weapons....all the different types of armor and all the pieces of armor (which all affect your look, so yes looking different is possible with clothes).

and if you're wonding why I'm up and not doing school work and I'm not playing that and why I'm at school. My mom finally went back to work today and she's worried about us driving the car...and parking here at the school, so she firmly stated that she wanted me to stay here until Kendra finishes classes (because she starts before me and ends after me).

Ok let's see....what else...

School seems to be going really well this term. I hope I can just keep this up....there are hard days where I just want to lay in bed and cry, and it really doesn't help that that is what my mother does...and then she wants me to spend time with's just a vicious cycle of making each other cry.

Hmm I should spend some time today on the guitar, but I don't think I'll have the time, I've got school work to do for my evening class and then I have to make dinner too...(I don't know how I can actually do that...but my mom thought it was a VERY possible agenda for me to complete even though Kendra will be at home studying on on the net while I'm at class...I shouldn't have "offered." You know when you offer to do something that you can't possibly do and everyone knows it, but you're just doing it as a kind gesture. Yeah...well my mom thought an insta meal would be possible.

Well I'm bored with typing so I'll just get off this.

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